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You are seeking someone who can help you stay centered and moving steadily forward through the hurricane of divorce. While many people have expressed surprise that I can do this work every day, I am honored to serve people going through one of the most difficult transitions in life.

As a father, I’m driven to help parents create a stable home life for children, under any circumstance. Although I don’t come from a family of divorce, I am myself in a second marriage after an amicable separation, and I have witnessed in those close to me how wounds can last a lifetime when a child experiences traumatizing divorce. 

I began my career as a documentary film editor, where I learned the power of persuasive storytelling and honed my skills at transforming life’s raw material into meaningful narrative. When later called to put my analytical strengths to use as a legal practitioner, I found it natural to use life’s raw material to persuade a different audience (judges) with clear and compelling arguments. 

My role as a Conscious Family mediator finally brought together for me a thrilling mix of challenges: the intellectual contest of law practice, the creative puzzle of developing workable family arrangements, and the intuitive work of facilitating dialogue and healing rifts.

I am trained in the the Collaborative Law model, and have practiced exclusively in the area of family law in Colorado since joining the bar: first as a judicial clerk for several judges at the Boulder District Court, then as an associate for an attorney-mediator and former judge. I am an alumnus of the University of Colorado Law School (Law Review); the National Institute of Trial Advocacy; the Colorado Bar Association 40-hour mediation training and Advanced Mediation Training; and the Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals Level I Collaborative Law training. I volunteer regularly for the Boulder County "Ask-an-Attorney" program.


​In addition to divorce mediation, I have a passion for facilitating the creation of Conscious Family Contracts for couples entering into long-term relationships. I also enjoy mediating solutions for long-term couples who have a desire to stay together by getting clear on joint intentions, commitments, and key problem areas that must be resolved.

I pursue a personal practice of vedic meditation and bikram style yoga, and perform conscious music professionally. I have been interviewed and speak regularly about issues related to both men and relationships.

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Senior Attorney

You want an attorney who listens to you. You want an attorney who is experienced and knows the nuances of family law. You want legal counsel that helps you meet both your short and long term goals. I believe an attorney’s role is to advocate for their client’s position, but not to increase conflict unnecessarily. I understand that it can be traumatic and stressful when families are involved in legal proceedings against one other.


When we work together, I will be transparent and honest with you so that your expectations are realistic. You will get support, advice, and tools to help you move through your legal situation and thrive afterwards. You will get compassionate, direct communication from me. You can expect me to respond to your emails and phone calls promptly because I genuinely care about my clients and their legal needs.


I practice family law exclusively. My expertise ranges from divorce to parental rights and responsibilities to grandparent rights to wills and prenuptial agreements.


I have lived and gone to school in the Boulder area since 2000. I am a graduate from the University of Colorado (Go Buffs!) with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.  I then attended Washburn School of Law in Topeka, KS, where I obtained my Juris Doctorate.


During the week, I dedicate my time to my clients.  On my weekends I spend time with my two rescue dogs, my husband, and cheering on the Buffs and the Broncos during football season! 

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Partner Attorney/Mediator

Standing on the precipice of this highly challenging life transition, you want reliable guidance. Looking back, my entire life has led me to the privileged position of helping people like you to move out of marriage in a healthy way that allows you to thrive post-divorce.

First, something very personal. My family suffered a shattering transition when my mother took her life when I was eleven years old. Afterward, we lost contact with her extended family. My father raised me and my two brothers alone. I believe this experience molded and guided me toward a career helping families to experience smoother periods of change than I had growing up, even as they radically alter their family structure through divorce.


I became a lawyer in 1991, and have practiced law ever since. However, in 2003, I returned to school for my Masters in Counseling, as I deeply honor the role of lawyer as counselor. Although I don’t practice therapy as a lawyer/mediator, my clients lean on me as a trusted guide as they traverse difficult and uncertain territory.


As a supervising lawyer in cases that represent individuals, I ensure we skillfully and steadfastly pursue our clients’ interests. At the same time, we look for opportunities to sidestep unnecessary conflicts and minimize their financial and emotional impact. We deeply value our clients’ right to “own” their divorce process, without destroying the financial and emotional foundation of their family.


After engaging in countless mediated settlements, I’ve come to realize that conflict is not to be feared and avoided at all costs—rather, it can often be a trustworthy compass to point individuals and couples to the issues they need to address to lead rich and fulfilling lives. Sometimes, it’s difficult for couples embroiled in conflict to have this perspective. It is my greatest satisfaction to help couples spin the straw of their seemingly-intractable differences into the gold of new ways of moving forward with their lives.


In the larger community, I am a board member and past President of the Boulder Interdisciplinary Counsel (BIDC), educating attorneys and mental health practitioners in family law. I formerly served as co-chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution section of Boulder Bar Association. To further support couples and families, I co-authored the book The Collaborative Divorce Advantage with my law partner John Hoelle.


My wife Laurie Lazar is the founder and executive director of a non-profit that teaches prison inmates how to relate and communicate with others in ways that allow them to truly rehabilitate in prison, and to succeed when they get out. She and I are avid hikers, campers, and bikers, and maintain a regular practice of meditation and other grounding practices to support us in our professional and community lives.

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Associate Attorney/Mediator

I have been licensed as an attorney in Colorado since 2003 and my practice has been diverse and varied. My interest in family law developed from a desire to provide meaningful counsel and support for individuals and families in transition following my own experience with divorce and co-parenting. I enjoy working closely with clients navigating the divorce process, and believe that with the right guidance and support it can be an opportunity for significant personal growth and transformation. I strive to establish realistic expectations from the outset, and encourage clients to be accountable for their part in the conflict. This may ultimately allow them to feel more empowered despite the deeply-personal challenges inherent in family law matters. I am mindful not just of my clients' immediate goals but how specific decisions may impact them and the family at large long-term. I appreciate being able to make a difference in people's lives and to do work that aligns so closely with my personal values. 


Currently, I represent clients in divorce, legal separation and allocation of parental responsibility cases as well as modifications of maintenance, parenting time and child support and other post-decree matters, and I mediate all family law matters.  I also have experience advising same-sex clients in litigation and mediating same-sex divorces, and am knowledgeable about the unique issues that may arise when a same-sex partnership is dissolved. 

I graduated from Colby College in Maine with a BA in anthropology, and received my JD from Tulane Law School in New Orleans. I began my legal career in natural resources law as an assistant attorney general with the Colorado Attorney General's office, where I represented state agencies for eight years. I have completed the National Institute of Trial Advocacy's trial course and the 40-hr mediation training with Colorado State University. When I'm not practicing law I enjoy exploring the West with my daughter by bike, raft and ski.

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