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After graduating from Colorado State University, I moved to the Los Angeles area to pursue a career in music. During the almost 20 years that I was there, I not only worked on my music, but also built up a number of other strong skill sets. I had a strong beginning working for Buena Vista Pictures that gave me a keen sense of how to keep things running smoothly in corporate structure. From there I spent several years working for a well-known personal coach, Breck Costin. My time there truly set me on a transformational path that has changed my life in countless ways.

Professionally, I have come to realize that I work best in an environment that utilizes my hybrid skill set of administrative abilities coupled with a strong sense of service. Those characteristics have allowed me to play a crucial role in the development of a women’s acupuncture clinic as well as a free-standing birth center in the Los Angeles area. Now that I am back home in Colorado, I can think of no better place to be than this Conscious Family. It is a pleasure to serve a family law practice that operates so distinctly from their peers and an equal pleasure to serve our clients at a time when they can use a friendly face and a little extra support.

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I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver, and have worked in a number of settings including health care, human services, small business, and full-time in my own home raising babies and toddlers. I am trained to hold space and listen actively, and have interfaced with people in the midst of tremendous challenges and pain.

As someone who is divorced with two children, I have deep empathy for those transitioning to a new phase of relationship. While the evolution from life partnership to co-parents was painful and difficult, my co-parent and I were lucky to receive guidance that lead to a peaceful and cooperative uncoupling. We are now forging a new relationship, at its foundation mutual love and gratitude for our two children and each other. It is an honor and privilege to serve a law practice that upholds the value of human connection and growth.

I also hold a Bachelor’s of Arts in English from Boston College. I am a traditionally published author and public speaker, and the themes of my work are authenticity, self-love, creating cultures of radical inclusivity and kindness, and living in the now.


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