Sometimes families face a transition.


Conscious Family™ mediation is a process carefully designed to minimize the cost, pain, time, and collateral damage to children associated with traditional divorce proceedings. The Conscious Family mediation process allows your family to move forward through a divorce, into a healthy new life.

Are you looking to find a divorce lawyer to represent you either in a conventional or collaborative divorce?  Our experienced Conscious Family™ lawyers offer clear, confident and highly effective advisement and advocacy while attempting to minimize financial and emotional costs to you and your family.

Mediation or Lawyer?

Our simple, free questionnaire can help you determine if you and your spouse are well suited for Conscious Family™ mediation, or if you may want legal representation for yourself.

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Our "rules"
We ask people who work with us to review and attempt to abide by our "Rules of Engagement" when interacting with their spouse in any mediation or negotiation setting.

"You live up to the tagline of "Conscious Lawyer." Your ability to stay present in difficult and sometimes heated conversations was extremely helpful for our resolution. From this place you were able to help keep us in a similar space and prevent unnecessary escalation. In addition, you were able to have a very unbiased stance in helping us resolve thorny issues, which is definitely not always the case for all mediations. You were also professional and had nice clarity around the law. I much appreciate my experience with you, and although hope I am never in this situation again, if I was, you are the one I would call."

-Divorce mediation client

"You are an attorney with integrity and knowledge. You took my case with only two weeks to prepare for a hearing, were quick to answer phone calls and emails, and were always prepared and attentive. You were thoughtful with regard to all involved, and genuinely concerned about the best interest of my child, not your pockets. My trust never wavered and I always felt like I was in good hands. Your attention to detail was phenomenal. You were honest about our position in my case at all times and prepared with many options. You supported me in how I wanted to proceed and with the stress involved in court proceedings, eased my concerns. Your goal to settle out of court was successful and your counsel helped to avert a battle, while ensuring my daughter was taken care of. After papers were signed you were ready to offer any help with recommendations on how to speak to my daughter and help her with changes that she might experience. I would recommend your firm without hesitation and am so thankful for your compassion and kindness in a stressful situation."

-Mother in a child custody relocation dispute


Conscious Family Law & Mediation LLC currently serves the legal needs of Colorado residents (including same-sex and other alternative families) in Boulder County, Denver County, Broomfield County, Larimer County, Adams County, Weld County, and Jefferson County. 

We are proud to serve your family.

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We are proud to serve your family.


Conscious Family Law & Mediation LLC serves Colorado residents (including same-sex and other alternative families) statewide with mediation, and with representation in Boulder County, Denver County, Broomfield County, Larimer County, Adams County, Weld County, and Jefferson County.