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We are proud to serve your family.


Conscious Family Law & Mediation LLC currently serves the legal needs of all Colorado residents (including same-sex and other alternative families), and in-person clients in Boulder County, Denver County, Broomfield County, Larimer County, Adams County, Weld County, and Jefferson County.


Couples Mediation is a facilitated conflict-resolution approach that can identify and clear away the toxic material that poisons what otherwise could be a supportive and nourishing relationship.

We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting couples in a unique way. At this time, we are offering one hour of FREE Couples Mediation to couples who are:

  • Struggling under close quarters together

  • Considering divorce, or have decided to divorce, but aren’t prepared to move forward with divorce proceedings under the current circumstances

Let one of our expert mediators help you:

  • Have difficult conversations about what is happening and what needs to be done

  • Come to basic agreements regarding how to work together and parent during the quarantine

  • Get some initial clarity on your plans moving forward


New clients only. Sessions conducted via Zoom, to ensure our community’s safety. 

Whether your relationship is new or seasoned, getting "conscious" about your relationship means getting clear on your joint intentions, commitments, and key problem areas that must be attended to.

Your current relationship may have the potential to become the peaceful, enjoyable, and supportive partnership you are longing for.

​Many people come to us facing challenges and conflict in their relationship. It's easy to judge that the other person is the problem and to become convinced that leaving the relationship will mean the relationship’s “problems” go away. Most people find, however, that their next relationship is haunted by the same dynamics and patterns of conflict. Does this sound familiar?  


We help couples discover and then memorialize intentions and commitments in a customized Relationship Contract.


While not designed to be legally enforceable, a Relationship Contract is clearer than your wedding vows and deeper than a conventional prenuptial contract. It is a blueprint to cultivate the natural affinity between partners; a vision for each individual's personal growth; and a road map to navigate challenges together.

Couples mediation may occur as a practical complement or alternative to therapy/couples counseling. (See sidebar on this page to help you determine if you should seek a referral to a therapist.)


Unlike therapy, couples mediation is strictly solution-oriented and transforms dynamics quickly. The process is characterized by:

  • a clear, efficient process

  • a practical, problem-solving approach

  • focus on the present and future

  • focus on the strengths of your relationship

  • supportive coaching to interrupt unhelpful dynamics

This work can pave the way for fundamental shifts in communication and understanding between life partners. For you, that means refreshing your joint visions, solving your recurring problems, and forging thriving bonds filled with grace, ease, and inspiration. 

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Unsure of whether to fight to sustain your relationship, or proceed with divorce?

Need a safe space to communicate to your spouse that you desire to divorce or separate?

We offer Clarity Sessions with an attorney/mediator to help you understand your options for moving forward as a family or transitioning apart.

"We so appreciate your efforts and care in meeting with us and putting this agreement together. We are feeling a shift in our connection as a result of our time together and for this we are very thankful. Your views and perspective have encouraged a proactive and hopeful course for our relationship." 


-Unmarried couple after couples mediation session

"Thank you so much for your time and expertise. We both found the session very helpful."

-Husband after couples mediation session 

What can you expect when working with our Mediators


Couples mediation can begin by meeting with us as a couple or each partner alone. As mediators, we are neutral and unbiased and will create a safe environment for open communication.


In our sessions, we bear witness to the dynamics of your relationship, and then tap into our knowledge and experience to help:


  • Explore surface and/or underlying issues in your relationship

  • Identify miscommunications and patterns

  • Uncover fundamental needs and interests

  • Provide a safe container to explore options

  • Evaluate solutions

  • Provide context

  • Get you unstuck

  • Develop win-win outcomes

  • Craft Relationship Agreements to intervene and address issues

  • Model non-violent and non-defensive communication skills

  • Teach conflict resolution skills to avoid problems in the future

Couples mediation can also be effective for:

  • co-parents who need help post-divorce to manage conflict with grace and avoid costly litigation

  • intra-family issues between parents and children, siblings, and more

Simply put, couples mediation may be the fastest, most effective way to strengthen your relationship. You’ll see and feel the impact immediately.

Some people call our work "magic." We call it getting conscious.

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