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I am an attorney, mediator and psychotherapist, who focuses his twenty-five years of legal and counseling experience into helping families navigate the process of relationship growth and transition.  

After graduating from University of Washington Law School (Law Review) in 1991, I built  a reputation for clear, passionate and effective advocacy as a successful litigator in Seattle.  Serving a variety of clients and individuals, I gained expertise in negotiation, litigation, and clear advisement of my clients.  During this time, I began a disciplined meditation practice and traveled the world to study with a variety of spiritual teachers and masters, giving me the ability to better serve my clients by weaving in mindfulness practices into my work with them.  In 2003, I returned to school to obtain a Masters in Counseling from Seattle University.


Throughout my career, I have devoted myself to mastering and incorporating cutting-edge conflict resolution techniques to help individuals, couples, and organizations resolve conflict. Having engaged in hundreds of mediated settlements over the course of my career, I have come to understand that conflict is not to be feared and avoided at all costs—rather, it can often be a trustworthy compass to point individuals and couples to the issues they need to address to lead rich and fulfilling lives. Sometimes, it’s difficult for couples embroiled in conflict to have the perspective to see where their conflict is trying to lead them. It is my greatest satisfaction to help couples spin the straw of their seemingly-intractable differences into the gold of interpersonal empowerment and growth.  This is beneficial whether they are staying together or transitioning from an intimate relationship to a co-parenting relationship or other arrangement. For couples desiring to avoid separation, learn more about our Couples Mediation approach.


When acting as a supervising advocate, I skillfully and steadfastly pursue our client’s interests, leaving no stone unturned to ensure they are protected. I simultaneously look for opportunities to sidestep unnecessary conflict and minimize the cost  - both financial and emotional  -  to our clients going through divorce.


I serve on the board as past president of the Boulder Interdisciplinary Counsel, an educational group composed of attorneys and mental health practitioners working in the family law arena. I am former co-chair of the Boulder Bar Association's Alternative Dispute Resolution section. I apply the same principles I use at work in my own marriage and growing family, which I consider my greatest proving ground for the work I was born to do.

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