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John Hoelle is a Colorado-licensed attorney and mediator. He draws on a professional skill set, a background in mindfulness and healing practices, a playful approach to life, and 20 years of personal experience in the trenches of marriage, divorce, and fatherhood, in service of guiding people efficiently and carefully through transitions in their journey together. He is co-founder of Conscious Family™ Law & Mediation LLC, and co-author of the Amazon bestseller The Collaborative Divorce Advantage. He speaks and facilitates workshops on the topic of forging extraordinary relationships, and has been quoted by online publishers and podcasters such as Thriveworks, Sparefoot, and The Next Leaders.


John is specially trained in the collaborative divorce model, and as a mediator strives to meet the interests of both spouses, at all levels, ensuring that they each feel empowered throughout the process. He has no tolerance for family law practitioners who increase conflict unnecessarily, and he acts at all times to minimize the cost and damage of the legal divorce process. John also brings a playful and unique approach to his work as a "couples mediator," using conflict-resolution techniques to coach couples through their pain points and stay un-divorced.

Bio for Peter Fabish

Divorce is something nearly half of all people who marry will need to face someday. It is also consistently ranked as one of the most stressful life events. Yet, until recently, the best support people could hope to obtain in going through this great challenge was a lawyer who was trained to engage in warfare. Those days are thankfully over.


As a experienced family lawyer, trained mediator, and masters level psychotherapist, I have devoted my career to helping families engage in the great transition of divorce with dignity, strength, and wisdom. Families going through this transition need support understanding the complex legal landscape of divorce, getting clear about their rights and desires, expressing themselves, being heard and understood, and coming to agreements or court orders about the future of their co-parenting family that work and make sense.  


Growing up in a family that broke apart in a tragic way left me struggling for years to put all of the pieces of my own life back together. This history and the path of healing and growth it led me to follow engendered in me a unique ability to understand and stand in the storm with families going through marital breakdown. What is difficult for many to understand when they are in the midst of divorce is that it is, like all challenging times, an opportunity to shift patterns and lay groundwork for a better life going forward. How one engages with this time of opportunity and challenge can make all the difference in what the future holds for divorcing spouses and their children. It's my challenge and privilege to help people engage in that opportunity well, even when they are feeling least able to do so.

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Life After Conscious Divorce




Conscious Family co-founder John Hoelle is quoted in an article about ways to eliminate a significant stress factor and improve our overall wellbeing through taking good care of your relationships.

Boulder County Bar Association newsletter

Conscious Family co-founder Peter Fabish discusses how maintaining neutrality, while still being effective as a mediator, is an art.


Conscious Family co-founder John Hoelle is quoted in an article about what happens legally with gifts after a breakup


Conscious Family co-founder John Hoelle is quoted in an article about ways to stay in touch with non-local, extended family members around the holidays.


Conscious Family co-founder and "couples mediator" John Hoelle is quoted as a relationship expert in this article on "Common Relationship Issues and Their Solutions, According to the Pros."

Custody X Change

Conscious Family co-founding attorney and mediator John Hoelle is quoted discussing issues related to modifiying parenting plans, in this article for Custody X Change including wisdom from family law experts across the nation.

The Next Leaders

Conscious Family co-founder John Hoelle discusses how intimate relationships can benefit from viewing the distinctions of "Yin" and "Yang" as a quadrant of four energies: Feminine Yin and Feminine Yang as well as Masculine Yin and Masculine Yang. 

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