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Relationship as Spiritual Practice (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed how intimate relationships might be thought of as a context for spiritual growth, and that “conscious” relationship is like spiritual practice because, as with any contemplative practice, it can result in transcendence of self along with self-actualization of the practitioner. We then proceeded to take the first of four ritualistic practices and applied them in preparation for, or strengthening of, intimate relationships: 1. Clear the Path 2. Bow to the Light 3. Open Your Heart 4. Release Your Fear This Part 2 will look at how the remaining steps can support your relationship or your search for a partner: 5. Cleanse 6. Transform 7. Heal 8. Be Free of S

The difference between Conscious Divorce Mediation and conventional mediation [book chapter excerpt]

The following is excerpted from the book The Collaborative Divorce Advantage, now available on Amazon. Reaching a divorce settlement does not necessarily reduce the harmful consequences of divorce. The important thing is reaching an agreement in a healthy way that stands up long-term and avoids ongoing conflict. Conscious Divorce Mediation professionals support this goal by (A) identifying specific values that the parties commit to upholding; (B) helping the parties with holistic preparation for the mediation process; (C) skill building; and (D) offering or directing the parties to post-divorce support. Committing to Values One of the ways Conscious Divorce Mediation supports a healthy proce

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Local and national resources for victims of any kind of abuse by intimate partners.

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