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What Happens with a Business in a Divorce?

In many families, at least one spouse owns an interest in a business. One of the most challenging issues when it comes time to divorce is how to handle that business. And one of the most common misconceptions of divorcing business owners is that the court won't stick its nose into your business. While every case is unique, here are a few general things to consider if you are facing a divorce and at least one spouse owns piece of a business. In most circumstances, if the business was started or acquired during the marriage, the business is marital property. In Colorado, marital property is divisible between spouses at the time of divorce. Typically, the spouse holding the business interest w

[VIDEO] Demystifying the Divorce Process

Are you contemplating divorce? Divorce is often terrifying, especially when you have no idea what to expect. In this video, Colorado divorce attorney/mediators and best-selling co-authors John Hoelle and Peter Fabish will demystify the process and offer tools to help protect your children through the transition. Learn some of the details of filing for divorce in Colorado, and get an overview of conventional and collaborative approaches to a legal divorce. The financial and emotional costs of divorce can be very high. Peter and John will also present their approach to help address the issues in your marriage, and possibly avoid divorce. Tune in alone or with your spouse, and take an

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