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What 5 Years Means to Us

Five years ago, John Hoelle and Peter Fabish set out to change the way people divorce. This month is the 5-year anniversary of Conscious Family Law & Mediation. The traditional marriage anniversary gift is wood. Wood connotes the strength, rootedness, and expanse of a tree. It symbolizes a partnership that has begun to develop into a long-lasting bond. It is the intention of Conscious Family to remain rooted in our values, strong in our commitment to serving the community, and expansive as we spread our reach beyond Boulder in order to change the way people divorce. In honor of the five years John and Peter have put into rooting and growing Conscious Family, I asked the entire staff to share

Local Professional Resources

Trusted professionals and other resources.

Public records of current legislation.

Free legal services (including divorce clinics) for unrepresented, income-qualifying parties.

Local and national resources for victims of any kind of abuse by intimate partners.

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