How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

July 3, 2019

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Generally speaking, a divorce is going to go one of two ways, and you get to choose.

Are you contemplating divorce? 

Divorce is often terrifying, especially when you have no idea what to expect. 

In this video, Colorado divorce attorney/mediators and best-selling co-authors John Hoelle and Peter Fabish will demystify the process and offer tools to help protect your children through the transition. Learn some of the details of filing for divorce in Colorado, and get an overview of conventional and collaborative approaches to a legal divorce.

The financial and emotional costs of divorce can be very high. Peter and John will also present their approach to help address the issues in your marriage, and possibly avoid divorce.

Tune in alone or with your spouse, and take an informed s...

Most people approach divorce with the sense that it is something dreadful that one simply has to get through. Few have seen it as an opportunity to get a second chance to set themselves and their children up for a better future. While this is understandable given how divorce has traditionally been viewed and practiced, new paradigms are becoming available in which families not only survive divorce, but thrive after their divorce.

The legal approach to divorce was developed at a time when divorce itself was considered to be shameful. Confronted with the prospect of social stigma--and often stung by feelings of hurt, anger and betrayal--most people facing divorce would try to deflect the stigma from t...

The following is excerpted from the book The Collaborative Divorce Advantage, now available on Amazon.

Reaching a divorce settlement does not necessarily reduce the harmful consequences of divorce. The important thing is reaching an agreement in a healthy way that stands up long-term and avoids ongoing conflict. Conscious Divorce Mediation professionals support this goal by (A) identifying specific values that the parties commit to upholding; (B) helping the parties with holistic preparation for the mediation process; (C) skill building; and (D) offering or directing the parties to post-divorce support.

Committing to Values

One of the ways Conscious Divorce Mediation supports a healthy process is to...

The following is excerpted from a chapter in an forthcoming book about collaborative forms of divorce.

Many people who participate in Conscious Divorce Mediation are seeking the following:

To Create a Better Life Going Forward

Most people come to the decision to divorce only after they’ve painfully decided, for whatever reasons, that they and their spouse can’t find ways to live happy, fulfilling lives as intimate partners. Unfortunately, many spouses drag the pain of the marriage into their divorce and into post-divorce co-parenting. One of your children’s highest interests is in having your relationship with your co-parent be civil, functional, respectful, and relatively free of destructive types of...

December 14, 2016

This graphic distinguishes how "conscious" lawyers strive to practice their profession. 

While many lawyers observe some conscious practices some of the time, at Conscious Family Law & Mediation we are committed to bringing these principles to work in everything we do. We are part of a larger movement that is still taking shape.

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