How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

July 3, 2019

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July 3, 2019

From my many years of experience as a family law attorney, I can assuredly say that one of the most challenging, stressful decisions for those contemplating divorce is finding a lawyer they feel good about and who they can trust to optimally guide them in navigating this major life transition. And for good reason! This decision will have a lasting impact on the trajectory of the case, the costs, and the ultimate outcomes.  

A myriad of personal and emotional challenges come with facing divorce, especially for those who have children. For many people, the legal world is foreign and feels like an additional daunting, intimidating hurdle, and here I’ll help demystify the attorney search process by...

April 22, 2019

Co-parenting with an ex-spouse can be tremendously challenging, even under the best of circumstances.  I have been doing it myself now for about six years, and as a family law attorney and mediator, I’ve seen a full spectrum of co-parenting relationships from genuinely amicable and supportive, to destructive and even toxic.  Most tend to fall somewhere in the middle, as does mine, but it has been at times a trial by fire type of situation. What I have come to appreciate, though, first by going through my own divorce with limited professional help or the benefit of a family law background, then by helping to guide couples as they go through divorce as a family law attorney and mediator, is the value...

February 14, 2019

A conscious marriage is one between people who: (1) have a particular interest in understanding how they and others tick, are motivated, and find meaning; (2) engage in that exploration in order to show up in a more genuine, self-expressed, compassionate and vulnerable way; and (3) are willing to take responsibility for their own actions and reactions; for getting clear about their values and living in accordance with those values; for honoring themselves and others; and for generating deeper connection with others.

The characteristics of people in a conscious marriage reflect an underlying desire to grow: toward greater integration, self-expression, self-responsibility, compassion, empathy, power,...

You are facing divorce. This may be one of the biggest  challenges you will ever go through. You are trying to chart a new course for your whole life, while simultaneously engaging in an emotional and legal struggle with the person who used to be your life’s partner.

Because of the often-intense stresses of divorce, you may not be at your peak ability to make important decisions or consider long-term consequences and goals as you go through it. Like many others, you may enter divorce with minimal knowledge of the law, your  rights, and obligations, or the ins and outs of navigating the legal system. For these and other reasons, you could potentially be vulnerable to bad advice,unskillful or even u...

October 15, 2018

Just as many people take for granted that their marriage will stay strong regardless of how much attention they pay to their love bond, they tend to approach divorce without any thought of how they should go about it, or how that matters.

It does matter.

Because while you may be ending a physical relationship, the emotional relationship will continue to exist in your mental life. And if you have children, you are not really ending a relationship anyway, but simply transitioning into a relationship as “co-parents.”

No matter what kind of relationship you have, the best way to transition out of it is to do it cleanly. 

"Keeping it clean" has two aspects:

Don’t Hide Things

The first part of keeping it clean...

September 21, 2018

Consider this: if you pursue your divorce with any vengeance or spite, you are harming primarily yourself. You are doing almost certain wounding to your heart and psyche, and the wounding will stay especially fresh (or worsen unimaginably) if you have kids.

It’s like tearing or cutting your hair out violently because it’s tangled in the comb, instead of calmly disentangling it.

Disentangling lives is not so unlike disentangling hair.

But is it possible to stay calm in divorce? Often people don’t get the help they need to stay calm and to feel safe through a divorce process.

They certainly don’t feel calm and safe working through court forms at the kitchen table with the other half of their collapsing p...

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