Why Separating Couples Should Always Start with an Intention Session

February 7, 2020


At Conscious Family™ we believe most people truly want to show up in integrity, in every aspect of their lives. Our clients overwhelmingly have the best intentions to proceed mindfully when pursuing their divorce. But these people are themselves often overwhelmed by big feelings and confusing logistics.


That's why our standard process typically includes a guided activity, called an Intention Session, to help anchor separating spouses to their personal integrity and best selves—even if they are in a place of challenge.


In this short session, our clients are given the opportunity to align their personal values with how they are going to show up in their divorce process. This empowers them to take full ownership of the process and negotiate divorce in full integrity. 


If couples have children, setting intentions for the process and envisioning a post-divorce future allows them to lay a foundation for a post-divorce relationship as a team. A cooperative co-parenting relationship post-divorce serves as a protective factor for children long after the divorce is final.


Whether couples have children or not, at the end of the session, they understand exactly how each spouse is committed to divorcing consciously.


In an Intention Session, spouses are guided to:


  • Identify core personal values

  • Begin linking those values to how they intend to divorce

  • Envision a post-divorce future


With that as a foundation, spouses then commit in writing to:


  • How they will to show up (for themselves and their children) during and after divorce

  • Honor their values throughout the divorce process




Divorce is consistently named one of the most challenging and stressful transitions in any person's life. At Conscious Family, we’re passionate about supporting families with tailored services such as the Intention Session, to help them transition in a way that minimizes the damage, honors the magnitude of this moment in life, and sets them up to thrive in their post-divorce life. 



Learn more about how we are changing the way people divorce, by scheduling a free informational call online or by calling 303-415-2040.


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