The services you provided were thoughtful, genuine, honest and sincere. I was absolutely blown away by the concern that our mediator showed for me, my partner and our child. He constantly reminded us to be sensitive and respectful toward each other and to never lose sight of our child. When things started to get overly tense or emotional for one or both of us, he was always in-tune and able to restore calm by thoughtful breaks and acknowledging our feelings without ever judging us. Rarely do you meet a family practice attorney that asks you to pause and to think about the long term effects of your decision making not only emotionally but also financially. You found the fairness in each and every situation even when I or my partner couldn't.

When considering divorce, don’t fall for the bad advice that you need to rush out, get attorneys and prepare for battle. Why battle at all? There are so many advantages to mediation. The first and foremost is that a mediator focuses on both parties as opposed to a divorce attorney who tries to convince you to get your partner before they get you. Too many times does a divorce attorney advises a client to take action that may result in wrecking their spouse financially or to shoot for unfair custody of a child because those are supposedly the measurements of a successful divorce. I can promise you that a successful divorce is one that is mindful, considerate and caring. Who really wins when both parties spend tens of thousands of dollars on individual attorney fees? It certainly isn’t the child whose college fund was sacked in order to pay for it all. Lastly, if you aren’t sure that divorce is the road you want to take but need to make it part of the conversation, please consult Conscious Family. Sometimes the unfortunate truth is that a marriage is lost because the parties involved may not be aware of certain avenues to get help. Conscious Family is honestly committed to helping you and your partner in the best way possible whether it be a speedy divorce or thoughtful pause along the way.

Father after couples mediation and then mediated divorce sessions

I am so grateful for my experience with Conscious Family Law & Mediation. I learned so much about myself and my capacity to love, grieve, and heal. You were so great at facilitating our difficult conversations, helping both of us feel validated, and coaching us on how to work well with each other moving forward in our new co-parenting relationship. 

Divorce mediation client

Thanks to their expertise, compassion and imagination, the team at Conscious Family helped me get through what ahead of time seemed like it would be an unimaginably hard process. I am very grateful, also for lessons learned through their guided mediation.  Thank you for your kindness, commonsense, compassion and thoughtfulness during our mediation. It’s a gift that you can provide that sort of expertise to people in desperate need. It was only bearable to go through this at all because of how well you managed everything. It’s a great gift you give to people in this situation.

Divorce mediation client

I really cannot thank you enough for all of your support and your excellent facilitation. I am almost certain that [my ex-husband] and I would not have been able to get through this so smoothly with anyone else. I love how you [grounded us at the] start [of] your sessions and it really helped me to step out of the fear and upset and focus on my boys and their well being.  I will be forever grateful to you.

Post-divorce mediation client

You live up to the tagline of "Conscious Lawyer." Your ability to stay present in difficult and sometimes heated conversations was extremely helpful for our resolution. From this place you were able to help keep us in a similar space and prevent unnecessary escalation. In addition, you were able to have a very unbiased stance in helping us resolve thorny issues, which is definitely not always the case for all mediations. You were also professional and had nice clarity around the law. I much appreciate my experience with you, and although hope I am never in this situation again, if I was, you are the one I would call.

Divorce mediation client

The kindness you have shown me is more like that of a friend helping a friend than an acquaintance/client. The generosity of you and your team will never be forgotten.  I appreciate your honesty about my case and that you feel I am capable of finishing this process on my own. You are unlike any attorney I have ever worked the BEST kind of way!  I have full faith that I will get through this and back on my feet and I owe a lot of my peace of mind to you and your team.  I am grateful and also still so surprised by my experience with Conscious Family Law. Thank you. 

Divorce representation client

A HUGE THANK YOU for helping me get through this year, and in the best way. I very much appreciate your conscious integrity, invaluable expertise, and support through my divorce and personal injury settlement. You made a difficult time much easier for me and I think of you as guardian angels who appeared when I most needed you. The best thing is that you have helped me create a new beginning in a most positive way!

Representation client in a divorce and personal injury case

The Magistrate stated that it was very obvious to her that we had taken a lot of time and energy to create a mutually acceptable and functional agreement, and that it was obvious to the court that we had the best interest of each other as well as the children in mind.  She stated that this type of cooperation is not often seen in divorce cases, and that she very much respected and appreciated what we have done. I do not believe that we could of done this without you.

Divorce mediation client

My experience with you was invaluable, respectful, and affordable. After an unfortunate meeting with another attorney who had discouraged me from representing myself, my first meeting here was refreshing; you honored my wishes to file a pro se divorce, answered all my questions, helped me navigate the court paperwork, and offered resources and advisement as I headed into mediation. When unexpected challenges arose, you problem-solved with me immediately. I would highly recommend you for any family law services.

Unbundled consultation client in a divorce case

You are an attorney with integrity and knowledge. You took my case with only two weeks to prepare for a hearing, were quick to answer phone calls and emails, and were always prepared and attentive. You were thoughtful with regard to all involved, and genuinely concerned about the best interest of my child, not your pockets. My trust never wavered and I always felt like I was in good hands. Your attention to detail was phenomenal. You were honest about our position in my case at all times and prepared with many options. You supported me in how I wanted to proceed and with the stress involved in court proceedings, eased my concerns. Your goal to settle out of court was successful and your counsel helped to avert a battle, while ensuring my daughter was taken care of. After papers were signed you were ready to offer any help with recommendations on how to speak to my daughter and help her with changes that she might experience. I would recommend your firm without hesitation and am so thankful for your compassion and kindness in a stressful situation.

Representation client/Mother in a child custody relocation dispute 

Thank you for helping me with my case. I believe this new arrangement will be a maximization of my ex's and my strengths as parents and will afford me lots of quality time with my children with enough guaranteed income to thrive. I feel hopeful moving forward. Thank you again.

Representation client/Mother in post decree divorce case

I'm still beaming from the divorce and doing a ton of good work in therapy. It gives me some pretty rough days but each day the sun comes up and it's even brighter. I can't thank you enough for being a buffer in my divorce and ongoing. It was a key in helping me on my healing journey.

Representation client in a dissolution of marriage case

My divorce was complicated and some even called it “ugly”, but with you on my side, even the most challenging aspects of it were actually not too bad. I had very little experience in the legal process going in, and, had many many questions. You always took the time to listen to my concerns and answer my questions thoroughly. You were thrown some very challenging and obscure questions that were quite specific to me, but I always felt that we were on top of the situation. When we did have to go to court you inspired confidence by being the most prepared person in the room. You were always calm and pleasant, but armed with information. I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through this divorce without you.

Representation client/Wife in a divorce case

Thank you for all of your legal expertise and human kindness through the last half-year. You have been much needed support through this process!

Mother in post-decree parenting matter

Thank you for all your help with the maintenance and child support issues. I'm very satisfied with the settlement! I am very grateful for your concern with my child and other personal matters. I feel such an ease and comfort when working on these emotional situations with you. Thank you for being my attorney!

Representation client/Mother in a post-decree support modification case

You were an excellent guide through my exceptionally tumultuous and contentious resolution of a long-term relationship. You were exceptionally responsive to me.  If you couldn’t take a call right away, I was given a time frame in which you could, and you always called back within that time frame. You answered emails quickly and concisely, and went above and beyond to help me extricate myself from my crazy ex and our shared property.

Domestic partner in a civil action between same-sex partners

As a mediator, your ability to relate to different points of view helps clients find common ground they didn’t initially realize existed. You have a deep knowledge of the complexities of family law, but your unique ability to problem solve sets you apart.    

Josh Anderson, attorney for mediation client

I was confronted with an unreasonable and obstructionist spouse. Although it was a very difficult and challenging time for me, you always answered all my questions thoroughly and in a way that I could understand. I always felt that I was in good hands. You continued to provide guidance and support when my husband decided to take my divorce to the Court of Appeals, and handled litigation at every level with kindness and compassion, but made very good and well informed arguments which the Courts found very persuasive and which helped me to prevail throughout these lengthy proceedings. I would definitely recommend your firm without hesitation.

Representation client/Wife in a divorce appeal case

We so appreciate your efforts and care in meeting with us and putting this agreement together. We are feeling a shift in our connection as a result of our time together and for this we are very thankful. Your views and perspective have encouraged a proactive and hopeful course for our relationship.

Unmarried couple after relationship mediation session

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