The Conscious Family Contract

The re-imagined, holistic prenuptial agreement that creates the foundation for extraordinary families

The conventional prenuptial agreement is focused purely on protecting financial interests.

(But issues related to parenting, sex, communication, household roles, and companionship are just as foundational to a lasting marriage as money and financial security.)

Most prenuptial agreements are one-sided, protecting the interests of one spouse.

(This creates an imbalance of how each spouse feels about their contributions during the marriage.)

The conventional process of negotiating and entering into a prenuptial agreement involves trading a legal document between lawyers.

(This puts toxic stress on an imminent marriage, just when the focus should be on the hopes, dreams and love of the couple.)

The Conscious Family Contract is a new take on prenuptial agreements that reflects and values the full range of contributions to a marriage, providing appropriate protections to each party while reducing the damage to the marriage a lopsided agreement can cause.

Couples with an extraordinary relationship have invested money and time in the right ways to build a life together. Develop important tools and structures to create an unbreakable union that can weather any challenge.

  • Receive guidance to help make clear, fundamental commitments with your partner

  • Create your real wedding vows

  • Create a purpose-driven union

  • Explore what property should "vest" in the marriage over time

  • Develop workable plans around budgeting, savings, and spending

  • Explore partnership options other than monogamous marriage, if desired

  • Learn new communication skills 

  • Identify and neutralize overlapping issues/dysfunctions

  • Get tools and make a plan to maintain affinity even when either of you gets triggered
  • Learn how the Enneagram of personality types can support your relationship

  • Identify agreements around parenting  

  • Develop an informed list of potential guardians for any future children

  • Identify the process to use in the event of relationship transition


Couples anywhere in the world can work to create a Conscious Family Contract via online teleconference with an attorney/mediator.

(If outside of Colorado, parties are advised to hire local counsel to confirm enforceability.)

The best wedding present you can give to anyone.
The most important contract you will ever sign.

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