Changing the Way People Divorce

Traditionally, divorcing couples had two options: hire lawyers and go to battle, or avoid divorce professionals.


Many people don’t want to add unnecessary financial and emotional costs to their divorce, but want professional help to ensure they come away with a fair financial division and a good parenting plan. For those couples, Conscious Family Divorce Mediation is a powerful and cost-effective approach.

Work Together Cooperatively

Mediation is possible when both spouses are willing to negotiate their divorce agreements in good faith, with the help of a neutral mediator. Conscious Family attorney-mediators are experienced family lawyers and are skilled at helping clients reach fair, workable agreements, without the cost and damage of the conventional divorce process.

Advisement Just for You

If mediation is not possible, you need a lawyer to advise, negotiate, and advocate for you. Our experienced Conscious Family™ lawyers stand by your side as powerful advocates while maintaining maturity and integrity to minimize financial and emotional costs to you and your family.

Mediation or Lawyer?

Our simple, free questionnaire can help you determine if you and your spouse are suited for mediation, or if you may want legal representation for yourself.

​Video: avoiding harm to children in divorce

Changing the Way People Start Marriage

The conventional prenuptial agreement is focused purely on protecting financial interests. The Conscious Family™ Contract is a new take on prenuptial agreements that reflects and values the full range of contributions to a marriage, providing appropriate protections to each party while reducing the damage to the marriage a traditional approach to prenuptial agreements can cause.

This the most important contract you will ever sign.

Learn how our unique mediation process has helped others

"I really cannot thank you enough for all of your support and your excellent facilitation. I am almost certain that [my ex-husband] and I would not have been able to get through this so smoothly with anyone else. I love how you [grounded us at the] start [of] your sessions and it really helped me to step out of the fear and upset and focus on my boys and their well being. I will be forever grateful to you"

-Divorce Mediation Client


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