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We are proud to serve your family.


Conscious Family Law & Mediation LLC currently serves the legal needs of Colorado residents (including same-sex and other alternative families) in Boulder County, Denver County, Broomfield County, Larimer County, Adams County, Weld County, and Jefferson County. 

Long before meeting, attorneys John Hoelle and Peter Fabish experienced firsthand the impact of divorce in their own lives. This personal experience only made it more important to them to work as hard as possible, as legal practitioners, to help people avoid the wreckage that contentious, litigious divorces leave behind. 

Upon meeting, the lawyers realized they held shared values around divorce and family law, and that even people in the midst of divorce are capable of acting as their highest selves.

John and Peter believed that divorce can be a transition without turning into a battlefield. It is on their deep belief in human capacity, even in the face of heartbreak, change, and conflict, that John and Peter co-founded Conscious Family™ Law & Mediation LLC in 2014.


Upon opening, the partners refined a unique process of holistic mediation with a goal of minimizing the cost and harm of the divorce process. This approach allows divorcing couples the benefit of an attorney-mediator’s expertise and facilitation, without the emotional and financial cost of a litigated divorce.

Using this model, the attorney-mediators at Conscious Family began helping families to navigate divorce in roughly a quarter of the typical time frame, and at a quarter of the cost of the average conventional process. In addition, it became clear that spouses were coming through the process feeling empowered. The divorce process itself had proved to be a transformative moment, a time with the potential for immense personal growth when conducted in a way that minimizes trauma. Further, people with children were learning to remain cooperative within conflict-burdened relationships, as a co-parent team. Conscious Family has very few “repeat customers.”

Conscious Family™ is proud to serve people who otherwise might avoid hiring legal professionals at all, but need assistance navigating the emotionally and logistically challenging terrain of divorce and legal separation.