Our attorneys are there when you need the protection of a mature, conscious advocate

If your spouse is unwilling to explore a mediated process, or if circumstances require you to retain a lawyer who can offer clear, confident advocacy, Conscious Family™ lawyers are here to help.

Deliverance through the darkness. Our attorneys routinely help people face a legal process that can be confusing and sometimes fraught with peril. We can help you emerge from divorce with a clear understanding of your legal rights and the knowledge that you and your children have been given the highest considerations afforded by our justice system.


Committed to maximizing resources. While conventional lawyers are interested in maximizing their own fees, Conscious Family attorneys are focused on minimizing material, emotional, and energetic costs to all parties in order to preserve family resources. We will sit down and give you an honest assessment of your options and help you understand the costs associated with each.Traditional lawyers may feel justified in fanning feelings of hurt, betrayal and blame. While this may seem supportive in the moment, it is only the lawyer who benefits through escalating conflict, while the divorced parties are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered familial relationships and depleted marital estate.

Settlement focused. While conventional lawyers seek primarily to litigate a victory in court, Conscious Family attorneys seek to maximize positive outcomes out of court whenever possible. If trial becomes necessary, we meet conflict head-on, but consciously. You can trust us to identify the key issues and keep relational damage to a minimum, even in the face of aggressive opposing lawyers. While conventional lawyers are unaware of the way their warlike language increases conflict, Conscious Family attorneys are mindful about the emotional impact on everyone involved  whenever lawyers enter a dispute.That’s why we employ non-violent and non-defensive communication to facilitate mature resolution of disputes, minimizing emotional damage while always keeping your best interests in mind.

We are committed to supporting you in identifying the areas where conflict is necessary, while avoiding going to battle over a short-sighted desire to hurt your partner at the expense of your and your family’s best interests.

Don’t get sucked into a legal battle and suffer needless carnage, thinking there is no alternative. And don’t let divorce destroy your family. Conscious Family lawyers employ strength and integrity to neutralize even the most aggressive lawyers, and help keep you and your children above the fray.

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