Our unique attorney-mediated process can deliver you and your family through divorce and into a healthy new life.
The Conscious Family™ mediation process is carefully designed to minimize the cost, pain, time, and collateral damage to children associated with conventional legal representation, or avoid the pitfalls of a poorly executed "homemade" divorce.

“Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at a goal."

Martin Luther King Jr. 

Minimize Conflict. Our unique mediation process delivers your family through divorce without the carnage of litigation. Working with our team will help you to:


  • Move on to the next phase of your life with far less expense and stress;

  • Resolve disputes now and learn to work through the inevitable disagreements that arise after divorce;

  • Protect your children from the harm of an adversarial legal process; and

  • Help find creative resolutions to complex or tricky financial issues, minimizing tax impacts and other costs.


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Your Conscious Family™ mediation team is committed to...

Your children's well-being

Divorce is hard on children, especially when there is high conflict between the parents. As conscious neutrals, we hold your children’s well-being, and your relationship with your children, paramount. Couples who work with us are committed to discerning what is truly in their children’s best interest, and to stay focused on peacefully transitioning from couple to co-parents.

Creating divorce agreements that really work

With our guidance, you will co-author creative solutions that are often impossible to attain in court. We’ve seen all the common divorce (and post-divorce) pitfalls: we’ll help you avoid them. Our clients routinely leave mediation with legal agreements that are clear, enforceable, durable over time, and address all important legal and non-legal issues. And they don't typically come back later needing help resolving additional disputes because we've helped them properly address everything upfront.

Ensuring you understand your divorce agreements

Our mediators will ensure that both spouses understand the legal landscape and relevant legal, financial, parenting, and practical issues before entering into any binding agreements. So you can rest assured you are making good decisions in one of the most important transitions you may ever face.

Serving your highest self

Divorce is often difficult, but it need not be bloody. Our mediators help both spouses commit to staying focused on the future and avoid a battleground mentality, in order to build new and stable lives as painlessly as possible. We identify and speak to your deepest commitments, and we commit to helping liberate you from the shackles of your mental stories, including stories about what divorce looks like.

A transparent divorce process

The law requires full disclosure of all relevant information in a divorce case. Our mediators will work to ensure that both spouses have the information and analysis they need to make informed choices. And we double check the accuracy of all information available. If there are complex or obscure financial issues, our contract divorce financial analysts work to ensure everything is clear and properly addressed.

A safe divorce process

Trust is not required between divorcing spouses in mediation, but respect is. Our mediators create a safe environment for each spouse to speak and be heard, and ensure that the process is directed toward outcomes that are meaningful. Most of the time we work together in the same room, although sometimes it's most effective to work separately. In either case, each spouse has confidential and private access to the mediator as appropriate.

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“I am so grateful for my experience with Conscious Family Law & Mediation. I learned so much about myself and my capacity to love, grieve, and heal. You were so great at facilitating our difficult conversations, helping both of us feel validated, and coaching us on how to work well with each other moving forward in our new co-parenting relationship.”

-Divorce Mediation Client

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